Create and customize a gallery

Here are the steps to create and customize a complete gallery

1.1 Go to gallery page and click "Add gallery" button.

1.2 Enter a gallery name and click to "Create" button.

1.3 Upload photos.

1.4 Upload photos from your computer.

1.5 Or select photos from your products.

1.6 Click to "Upload" button to upload your photos.

1.7 After uploading a photo, you can edit the photo information or rearrange the position of the photos.

2.1 Go to "Setting" tab and customize the options to your liking.

You can choose the appropriate layout, customize options such as colors, effects, text, ...

2.2 In the "Setting" tab you can preview how the images will look on different devices. The number of images per row and the spacing between images can be adjusted.

After changing the customizations, you need to save and display it on your store.

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